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9603 - Brooms, brushes, hand operated mechanical floor sweepers, not motorised, mops and feather dusters, prepared knots and tufts for broom or brush making, paint pads and rollers, squee - UD EMPAT ANUGERAH SYUKUR

Damai Langgeng Blok III 1 No 29 Pekanbaru Riau Indonesia
Product : Broom from Palm Stick
Phone : +62821 33558429
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They come from palm leaf waste, which is then collected by oil palm harvesters to be sold to coconut leaf waste collectors. They – these collectors – then distribute it to other workers whose job is to split the leaves into small sticks, and then dry the small sticks until they are completely dry. The dryness produced from a bunch of palm sticks must reach at least 95%.
Climate change is one important thing that affects production capacity. During the rainy season, the workers cannot dry the sticks and have to wait until the sun shines with a minimum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius.
After the sticks are dry, the workers tie them 1kg per bunch, and combine the bundles into bigger bundles – 50kg per big bundle. With a cutting tool, the large bundles were flattened to get the same size, ie 40 yards per stick.
After re-testing for dryness level and size accuracy, the palm sticks are put into sacks per 50 kg. They are ready to be shipped.

Product Specifications
– Minimum dryness rate: 95%
– Length: 1 yard
– Packed in one big bundle per 50kg in one sack

Business Description
– Processing Land: Processing Sector II – Bangkinang, Kampar Regency, Riau Province
– Production Capacity: 25 US tons/month