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9403 – furniture and parts thereof – PT. Syandana Bumi Nusantara

PT. Syandana Bumi Nusantara
pondok sukmajaya permai blok A4 no.3 depok 16412, jawa barat
Product : Wood Working
Phone : +628118003537
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Rattan is a type of plant that thrives in the Asian Region, including in Indonesia. Indonesia is a habitat for rattan to grow ideally.
Therefore, it is not surprising that several regions in Indonesia have become rattan producer. Rattan is one type of wood that is often used various craft materials. Starting from furniture such as tables, chairs, lampshades, and many more objects made of rattan.

The use of rattan is not for no reason, but because rattan is very flexible, strong and easy to shape. Here are the forms of handicrafts from rattan that are useful and have, its own uniqueness and makes rattan still survive today.


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