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5305 – Coconut – PT Siger Coco Indonesia

PT Siger Coco Indonesia
Jl. Lintas Sumatera Gg. Cempaka No. 21, Srengsem, Panjang 35242, Lampung.
Product : Coco Fiber & Coco Peat
Phone : +6289648347487
Email :

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Siger Coco is a leading supplier of coconut derivative products in Western Indonesia. We are focused on providing high-quality products such as Coconut Peat and Coconut Fiber. We are additionally working with local manufacturers and farmers to maintain our quality.

We are ready to provide our customers with the best possible service and products when it comes to international markets. Through our extensive experience and technological capabilities, we are able to meet their needs and provide them with high-quality products and competitive prices.

Coconut Fiber is a processed product from coconut in the form coir fiber which can be used for various needs. Coco fiber is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell, and the outer coat of a coconut and is used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, and mattresses.

Coco Peat is useful as a versatile planting medium made from selected coconut husks. The fibrous coir is pre-washed, machine-dried, sieved, and free of grit and other contaminants such as animal and plant residues. Coco peat block is a natural fiber made from coconut coir which is 100% organic and eco-friendly, free from soil pathogens and weeds.



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