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5305 – Coconut – PT Siger Coco Indonesia

PT Siger Coco Indonesia
Jl. Lintas Sumatera Gg. Cempaka No. 21, Desa/Kelurahan Srengsem, Kec. Panjang, Kode pos 35242
Product : Planifolia Beans
Phone : +6289648347487
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Coconut fiber or coconut coir fiber is a byproduct of coconut coir processing. It is extracted from the fibrous outer cover of the fruit of the Coconut Plant. They are white or brown in color.

As the leading coconut fiber supplier based in Indonesia. We provide cocofiber that impurity is less than 3%. Natural coconut fiber is baled with the assistance of plastic straps, to ensure its high quality and utility. Traditionally coconut coir fiber is only used for brooms, mats, ropes, and tools of other households. Technological developments, physicochemical properties of fibers, and consumer awareness to return to natural materials, made of coconut fiber utilized as industrial raw materials for mattresses & cushions, carpets, upholstery, and dashboard of the vehicle and etc.



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