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5305 – Coconut – Genggam Bathi Khatulistiwa

Genggam Bathi Khatulistiwa
Jl. Pahlawan No. 22 Kp. Jawa 1 Pariaman
Product : Coco Fiber
Phone : +6285216410688
Email :

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Our company called Nucolapa by CV Genggam Bathi Khatulistiwa is exporting of several varieties of coconut product such as Coconut Shell Charcoal, Cocopeat and Cocofiber. In addition, we also have products related to Charcoal, such as Hardwood Charcoal, Coconut Charcoal & Sawdust Charcoal. Nucolapa itself is located in Surabaya, Indonesia, meanwhile the factory itself is Located in All over Java Islan Indonesia.

Nucolapa was founded in 2020, and establised by 3 prople : Ira Risnu, Rosi Anugrah and Rangga Risnu, which is a private business company with a wide variety of buyers. Nucolapa has already collaborated with goverment organization called ITPC (Indonesia Trade pro), the one who represent Indonesia Trade Ministry in each country worldwide, through Export Center in Surabaya, East java, Indonesia with several steps of our internal surveillance in the factory, we believe that we could produce goods that has a stable quality as our buyers standart.


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