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4602 – Basketwork, wickerwork and other articles, made directly to shape from plaiting materials – IQ Craft (Asesoris dan Interior)

IQ Craft (Asesoris dan Interior)
RT.08 RW.03 Kelurahan Bugel Kecamatan Kedung Kabupaten Jepara Jawa Tengah Indonesia
Product : Rattan Furniture
Phone : +6281575748695
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IQ craft is a craft company. Our company is located in Jepara, Central Jawa, Indonesia. Jepara, is very famous all over the world with wooden industry and rattan industry. IQ CRAFT KENCANA one of them. IQ craft kencana produce all craft from wood and rattan. By hiring experts in crafts, IQ craft can produce wood and rattan crafts in very good quality for customers. With good quality control, we can produce all designs of customers with care.