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4402 – Wood Charcoal – PT CIPTA REJEKI MEKAR

Jl KH Mas Mansyur No.47 B Kel. Karet tengsin Kec. Tanah Abang. Jakarta Pusat
Product : Coconut & Wood Charcoal
Phone : +6281381824722
Email :

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PT Citra Hutata Persada is a fast growing shipment company in Indonesia with a business field classification “Leasing and leasing activities without the option of cars, buses, trucks and the like.” for the transportation of industrial goods

Cocoal Indonesia established in 2021 and we merely focused on 2 kind of best products from Indonesia, which is coconut derivative and mining coal. Indonesia known as “The emerald of equator” as its nickname, Indonesia presents a variety of abundant natural resources,on that ocassion we have dedicated our energies to furthering an already in-depth knowledge of Coconut and Coal


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