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1905 – Cakes – PT Deli Farm International

Fortune Agro Indonesia
Kampung Tarikolot art 02/15,Desa Pakutandang,Kecamatan Ciparay 40381
Product : Cassava Chips
Phone : +6281394552878
Email :

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The cassava chips that we produce start from fresh cassava which is thinly (0.8-1mm) sliced ​​with high quality. Cassava chips are processed in a deep fryer at the right temperature and method to ensure a crisp and crunchy texture. we can produce tons of cassava chips with various flavors according to our customers’ requests.

OUR PACKAGING Carton (40 cm x 28 cm, 21 cm)

OUR PACKAGE SIZE 600/bag, 1,2 kg/bag, 2,4 kg/bag, 5 kg/bag


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