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1513 – Coconuts – Nusa Agro Indonesia

Nusa Agro Indonesia
Dusun Karangplak, Desa/Kelurahan Purwonegoro, Kec. Purwanegara, Kab. Banjarnegara, Provinsi Jawa Tengah
Product : Virgin Coconut Oil
Phone : +6281315456742
Email :

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We Providing Best Coconut And Agriculture Product For Our Customers

Our Dedicated production and quality control teams have worked tirelessly to deliver the highest quality product our customers expect. We have succeeded in providing complete solutions in the supply of raw materials and supply of high quality processed coconut and agricultural products for both the domestic and export markets in recent years, enabling us to emege as a leader in the manufacture and export in the country.

Driven by the abundant availability of raw materials in our region, the company has a guaranteed supply of raw materials sourced from more than millions of coconut trees to ensure a stable supply of various coconut processed and agricultural product for the export.


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