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1513 – Coconuts – Issho Sejahtera Indonesia

Issho Sejahtera Indonesia
Jl. Cipedek No. 58 Desa Jalaksana Kec. Jalaksana Kab. Kuningan Provinsi Jawa Barat 45554
Product : Virgin Coconut Oil
Phone : +6281563764895
Email :

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Ciremaicoco is a privately held company PT.ISSHO SEJAHTERA INDONESIA with a diverse customer base, our dedicated production And quality control team,
Work tirelessly to provide the highest quality products, supported by Local farmers, as well as the best technology from us. In the end, it is Our top priority to meet the satisfaction and expectations of our Customers. Ciremai coco is one of the best producers of coconut Derivative products, we produce
Various kinds of coconut derivatives with our products Cocofiber, Cocopeat and Virgin coconut oil.


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