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1108 – Starches, inulin – PT Deli Farm International

Fortune Agro Indonesia
Kampung Tarikolot art 02/15,Desa Pakutandang,Kecamatan Ciparay 40381
Product : Tapioca Starch Cassava
Phone : +6281394552878
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Tapioca starch is a gluten-free flour that comes from the cassava plant. Essentially, cassava root is peeled, washed and chopped. Then it is rasped (finely shredded) and the resulting pulp is washed, spun, and washed until the mixture is primarily pure starch and water. The starch is then dried. Tapioca starch is widely used both in the food industry for making boba as well as in the non-food industry for cosmetics and glue.

OUR PACKAGING: 25kg / 50kg

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