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1106 – Flour – Fortune Agro Indonesia

Fortune Agro Indonesia
Kampung Tarikolot art 02/15,Desa Pakutandang,Kecamatan Ciparay 40381
Product : Cassava Flour
Phone : +6281394552878
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Indonesia is blessed with abundant supply of clean water, vast area of fertilized soil which makes tubers like cassava root, also known as yuca, able to grow in substantial amount with remarkable qualities.

We believe that cassava is one of the best staple food that can be consumed by majority of the people, especially our nutrient-dense, locally grown pesticide-free cassava which are highly demanded in international markets.

Cassavaradise is derived from the words ‘cassava’ and ‘paradise’ in which we are striving to be an ‘All in One Stop’ company which supplies various cassava products such as cassava flour, tapioca starch, cassava chips and many others worldwide.

As Indonesia is one of the biggest cassava production country, we engaged in a sustainable ecosystem with our local community from producing, processing to distributing worldwide to satisfy our long-term committed partners.


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