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0908 – Nutmeg, mace and cardamoms – PT Natura Kemala Sukses

PT Natura Kemala Sukses
Arcade Business Centre 6th floor, unit 6-03, DKI Jakarta
Product : Nutmeg
Phone : 02158905002
Email :

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Established in 2019, Naturel Spices was born from our Founders’ passion to raise awareness and promote Indonesian spices throughout the world.
Indonesia is a country consists of many different culture and is well known for its diverse spices.

Spices are the core ingredients for every flavour. Naturel Spices aim to provide the best quality of spices around the globe. With careful and specific quality control of our products, we ensure safe and high quality spices. Our spices are cultivated from many different places all around Indonesia, while working closely with our local famers and always take into account their wellness and wellbeing.


  • Nutmeg ABCD without shell,
  • form whole


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