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0906 – Cinnamon and Cinnamon Tree Flowers – Raja Tani Nusantara

Raja Tani Nusantara
Perum Bumi Simpang Asri Blok D22 Mulyasari Bayongbong
Product : Cinnamon
Phone : +6282316360199
Email :

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CV. Raja Tani Nusantara is a trading company located in the province of West Java Indonesia. We are one of the leading producers and exporters of spices, sweet potato, coffee, coconut products, fruits and vegetables.

CV. Raja Tani Nusantara, a company that works throughout the supply chain to preseve Indonesia`s biodiversity heritage by delivering it to the national and global markets. Through partnerships with farmers and foragers we offer the best natural raw products from various region of The Indonesian archipelago.

The key to our continued success in highly competitive environment is the provision of reliable and cost-effective services to our costumers who need and exceed their individual needs worldwide.

CV. Raja Tani Nusantara provides our clients with comfort, flexibility, professionalism, security and the best price. Along with the increasingly competitive of competition in the field of trading company services in the world we are ready to survive and compete with other trading companies by showing our existence as one of the trusted global trading companies and qualified to be your partner for many years of experience.


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