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0904 – Pepper of the Genus Piper – BAROKAH AGRO NIAGA GARUT

Perkantoran Tiara Buncit Blok A1, 2th Floor Jl. Kemang Utara IX No. 9 Kel.Duren Tiga Jakarta 12760
Product : Black Papper

Phone : +628119796500
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To become a world-class Agribusiness Company with excellent performance and implement the best business governance.
Develop a sustainable professional social economy in the social and natural environment as a result of business independence.

plantation-based downstream industry Produce quality products for customers Treat employees as strategic assets and develop optimally Empowerment of farming communities through the development of farmer cooperative businesses that have high competitiveness and added value.

The company was established with the intention of and the purpose of implementing the policy and government programs with contribute to economy and development nationally, especially in the sub-sector plantations and improve profit through principles corporation. Develop and improve value benefit of all resources and the existing potential, both in the form of human or regional resources .


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