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0902 – Tea, whether or not flavoured – Garuda Pratama Corp

Garuda Pratama Corp
Jalan Sempurna Desa Timbang Deli Kecamatan Galang
Product : Tea
Phone : +6285171199708
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Indo Agri Center is a company engaged in the supply of Agriculture products that originates from Indonesia. We provide agriculture products especially in Tea, Spices & Coconut Products. This business established on 2021 and has the best agriculture products from Indonesia.

With the growth of this business and the increasing demand for agriculture products from domestic and abroad, the business also immediately clean up to improve the best agriculture products that we got, with our belief to create more sustaine agriculture ecosystem in Indonesia. We also have ambition that through Indo Agri Center, Indonesian Agriculture Products can be more global.

Also, we would like to empower farmers that can be helped in their economy and prospecting our products go through a very selective process and according to procedures that aim to maintain the quality of the best agriculture products.

Become the best agriculture supplier, we always maintain the quality of our products and we always try to make our customers satisfied with our products and services. In addition, we also offer the best prices for our customers. We always believe that good corporations and relationships between suppliers and buyers will result in future investments that are mutually beneficial for the company, customers, and farmers.


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