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0902 – Tea, whether or not flavoured – CV Global Steines Indonesia

CV Global Steines Indonesia
Jl. BKR No.108, Bandung, jawa Barat
Product : Black Tea & Green Tea
Phone : +6224235332
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Black tea, also translated to red tea in various Asian languages, is a type of tea that is more oxidized than oolong, yellow, white and green teas. Black tea is generally stronger in flavour than other teas. All five types are made from leaves of the shrub (or small tree) Camellia sinensis, though Camellia taliensis is also rarely used.

Two principal varieties of the species are used – the small-leaved Chinese variety plant (C. sinensis var. sinensis), used for most other types of teas, and the large-leaved Assamese plant (C. sinensis var. assamica), which was traditionally mainly used for black tea, although in recent years some green and white teas have been produced.


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