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0901 – Coffee – PT. Asia Exim Global

PT. Asia Exim Global
Building 18 Office Park Floor 25 Suite A2, TB Simatupang Street Number 18 South Jakarta 12520
Product : Indo Coffee
Phone : +6281311297700
Email :

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Indocoffee – Indonesian Finest Coffee Exporter is a strategic business of PT Asia Exim Global which focuses on trading coffee beans. Our vision is to become one of the leading coffee supplier that customers trust in terms of quality, traceability, sustainability, quality and consistency.

Indonesia is included in the top five largest coffee producing countries in the world. Coffee from the country has also been widely known by coffee connoisseurs from all over the world. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that in 2020 the value of Indonesian coffee exports reached US$ 809.2 million and we are here to bring Indonesia’s finest coffee to your place.


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