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5305 – Coconut – PT Nusantara Avia Indonesia (Copy)

PT Nusantara Avia Indonesia
Penjaringan 29 RT02. RW03 Kel. Penjaringan sari Kec. Rungkut, Surabaya, Jawa Timur.
Product : Coconut Fiber
Phone : +6285772337414
Email :

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Coconut fiber or coir is a product which is extracted from the outer shell of the coconut fruit. It is used in a variety of ways worldwide, being especially popular for rope and matting, and there are a number of sources for coir and coir products. Coir comes from a matted fibrous layer found between the inner and outer husks of the coconut. There are Two Types of coir Fibre. White coir Fibre and Brown Coir Fibre.


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