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1901 – Malt extract – PT SATRIA URBAN PERKASA

Jl.Masjid Nudur Hidayah, Desa/Kelurahan Long Kali, Kec. Long Kali, Kab. Paser, Provinsi Kalimantan Timur,
Kode Pos: 76283, Indonesia.

Product : Traditional Crackers
Phone : +6281252939996
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Impala crackers is a traditional snacks originally from Indonesia which made of tapioca flour, onions, salt, sugar, flavorings etc. This crackers have a characteristic with a taste that tends to be savory and sweet, the shape is about 3-5 cm long before being processed with various colors. Our crackers are produced in East Java and are made with health standards and food licenses. For production, our factory is capable of producing up to 1 ton perday with advances machine technology.

How to store: simply stored in a dry place, all of our products can last up to 2 years. It is highly recommended to be sun-dried or in the oven before frying.


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