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1805 – Cocoa powder, not containing added sugar or other sweetening matter – PT AGRO GLOBAL INDUSTRY

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Product : Cocoa Powder
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Cocoa powder is a major component of the cacao bean, or seed, which is used to make chocolate. Apart from cocoa powder, the seed contains a high amount of fat (approximately 50%), which is known as cocoa butter. To make cocoa powder, it has to be extracted from chocolate liquor. The liquor is first made by refining cacao from its coarse state to a very fine texture. Next, with the aid of a cocoa butter press, the liquor is then filtered through a sieve at an extremely high pressure, forcing the fat (cocoa butter) to separate from the solids (cocoa powder). The remaining solids in the press resembles that of a cake, and has to be pulverized into a powder. This powder contains approximately 12% fat, which is a reduction of nearly 40% from its original makeup.