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0901 – Coffee – PT Folium Sumatra Nafie

PT Folium Sumatra Nafie
Talang Selungko, Kec. Bathin II Pelayang, Kabupaten Bungo, Jambi 37255
Product : Robusta Coffee Beans
Phone : +6285163207765
Email : /

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The characteristics of Robusta Term Coffee are medium acidity, and high body, with notes ranging from dark chocolate, to woody and nutty. The distinctive aroma and taste make the Jangkat Robusta coffee a coffee that is widely enjoyed by the public. Term Robusta coffee has the smoothest texture, also known for its thick, bitter taste, just like other coffees from Sumatra. Robusta Jangkat coffee has a more unique coffee bitterness when compared to other robusta coffees. Then from the geographical location, climate, and fertile soil conditions, Jangkat robusta coffee has a different taste from other Indonesian robusta coffees