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0901 – Coffee – PT Bintang Ekspor Asia

PT Bintang Ekspor Asia
Dusun Kretek RT 1 RW 2, Desa Ketitang, Kecamtan Jumo, Kabupaten Temanggung, Provinsi Jawa Tenggah
Product : Green bean coffee robusta and arabica
Phone : +6281393606927
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Origin : Temanggung City, Central Java Province, Indonesia
Area altitude : 500 – 1450 mASL
Temperature : 20°C – 27°C

-Has a bitter taste and high caffeine content
-Has a sour aroma like arabica coffee
-Has a spicy sensation and has a taste like chocolate
-Is protected by a Geographical Indication (IG) certificate
-The process of harvesting 95% of coffee cherrry is red.

Grade fine, grade 1, grae 2, grade 3, grae 4A, grae 4B, EK15, EK25, ELB G1, ELB G2