Everybody knows jewelry. Its attractiveness glows into the form of luxury and elegance for its owner when use. We know that jewelry can be interpreted as gold, but actually there are still many other than that. Gold which is often regarded as precious metal is very easy to convert into cash and can be used as collateral. The price of gold jewelry is influenced by world oil and the world economy.

Indonesia is a country rich in ethnicity, culture and language. In addition, Indonesia has abundant wealth of produce such as gold, silver and pearl jewelry that has been recognized in the world. A variety of value-added jewelry has been produced by jewelry craftsmen in Indonesia. In terms of design and model now it can be one of the trends in the development of jewelry in the world.

This July edition of Export News discusses Indonesian jewelry. Starting from the development of exports and other important information that needs to be known to make it easier for readers who want to buy these Indonesian-made products. This edition also contains a list of jewelry exporters that can be contacted directly.

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