Cocoa (cocoa), or Theobroma cacao in latin, is a tree plant originating from South America. This plant seeds produced processed products known as chocolate. Chocolate has many health and psychological benefits. One of the benefits is to lower blood pressure, if consumed regularly. Chocolate contains theobromine, fenetilamina, and anandamida which belongs to the type of alkaloids that can increase serotonin hormone levels into the brain. In addition, certain types of chocolate (eg, dark chocolate) contain high levels of antioxidants that are useful for counteracting free radicals.

Cocoa (Theobrema cacao L.) is one of the mainstay commodities of plantation whose role is quite important for the Indonesian economy, especially as a provider of employment, sources of income and foreign exchange. Not only that, cocoa also plays a role in encouraging regional development and agro-industry development. In 2002, cocoa plantation has provided employment and income sources for approximately 900 thousand heads of farm families mostly located in Eastern Indonesia (KTI) and contributed the largest foreign exchange to the three plantation sub-sectors after rubber and palm oil valued at US $ $ 701 million.

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