Wigs and Eyelashes (HS6704)

Kementerian Perdagangan (Kemendag) menyatakan ekspor produk rambut palsu berpeluang meningkat, terutama dengan adanya negara-negara tujuan ekspor potensial seperti Bangladesh, Nigeria, Iran, Inggris dan Belanda. Amerika Serikat masih menjadi pasar utama produk rambut palsu dengan pangsa ekspor sebesar 66.94% dan mencatat

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Company Profile: PT Bio Takara

PT Bio Takara is one of industry leaders in beauty sector. They manufacture eyelashes, wigs, hair extensions and toupee products. Their products focus on high quality standard and the company has exported these products to other countries. Located in Central

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Catalogue: Bintang Mas Triyasa (Eyelashes)

Started with only 50 employees, PT. Bintang Mas Triyasa has grown to more than 1,800 employees and 4,000 contract resources. They define themselves as people-centred company where employers are brandishing a wide arsenal of retention strategies, including benefits plans, training programs and bonuses, along with the prestige for working

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PT BINTANG MAS TRIYASA is the fastest-growing company in the false eyelashes industry. Innovation, determination and commitment strengthen the foundation of their business. Within their philosophy, they consider that customers’ needs are also their needs. With this in mind, they aim to pursue breakthroughs and

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