Biodiesel (Under HS 1511)

Biodiesel (Turunan HS 1511) merupakan salah satu komoditas perdagangan yang saat ini memiliki pengaruh yang besar dalam sektor energi terbarukan, baik itu di Indonesia maupun di dunia khususnya Eropa. Tidak hanya pada sektor dalam negeri saja, tetapi Indonesia telah melebarkan

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Remarkable Indonesia: Oil Palm

Palm oil is an edible product coming from the pulp of oil palm fruits, later processed in the palm oil industry. Request for this vegetable oil has increased rapidly in the last decades. This has made the palm oil plantations

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Company Profile: Antex Jaya Exim

PT. ANTEX JAYA EXIM was founded in Semarang, Indonesia in 1998. With sixteen years of experience, they have become one of the leading exporters in teak garden furniture with wide services and products. Focusing on the motto “the world’s in our hand“,

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Company Profile: Wira Tehnik Pratama

Wira Tehnik Pratama is a company engaged in the field of trade and services, especially in the field of agriculture and forestry. It develops agricultural commodities, plantation and forestry, where farmers are their supporting and strategic partners.  The company provides encouragement and

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