Catalogue: Magma Spice

As internationally known, Indonesia’s one of the best spices suppliers. Spices are the alimentary products that are very crucial in preparing delicious dishes. In Indonesia, not only we have various types of spices, we have also been recognised for providing clients with the

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Catalogue: Singabera’s Premium Tea and Tisane

Singabera offers an endless selection of tea blend, created from the finest tealeaves and the best natural ingredients including herbs, spices, flowers, fruits and beans that are grown naturally by local farmers and communities from across Indonesian archipelago. They bring

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Catalogue: Singabera’s Ginger Drinks

Ginger, one of our favourite spices, has been believed to have various health benefits. Many people have used ginger for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial healing properties. Today, ginger continues to be widely used in Asian herbal therapies. Not

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