Remarkable Indonesia: Cacao

Cacao beans, which plant is known as the Cacao Tree or Cocoa Tree, is needed to make many products, including cocoa mass, confectionery, ganache plus the two favourite products of all time: cocoa powder and chocolate. Cacao tree can grow

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Company Profile: Arafa Tea

Their company experience was started as tea lovers who wanted to express and share the fabulous story of Indonesian tea. For them, tea is not simply just tea but it is a gift from God. Arafa Tea develops educative stories

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Company Profile – Indomop Multi Makmur

Indomop Multi Makmur is an Indonesian company specialising in cleaning equipment. With around 25 years of experience, they pay attention to quality standard in order to provide reliable products for their clients and to become trustworthy for their partners. In

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Catalogue – PT BIG’s Bed Sheet and Bed Cover

PT Bintang Indah Gemilang specialises on bed covers and bed sheets with high quality. Furthermore, non only focusing on the product quality, they also maintain attractive designs to satisfy the clients’ needs and taste. To contact PT Bandung Indah Gemilang,

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Company Profile: PT Bandung Indah Gemilang

PT Bandung Indah Gemilang has been founded since 1999 in Bandung, Indonesia. Specialising in bed sheets and bed covers; they produce around seven million sets yearly, which they have exported to other countries including Australia and other Asian countries. With

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