Is Palm Oil Dangerous? Recent Study Said “No”

To reopen the debate on the authenticity or the potential damage caused by palm oil consumption, on January 13, Ferrero proudly claimed the usage of vegetable oil in their products. The Alba Multinational, founded in 1946 by Pietro Ferrero, opposed

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Crude Palm Oil (HS 1511)

Crude Palm Oil (HS 1511) merupakan salah satu komoditas perdagangan yang memiliki pengaruh yang besar dalam sektor perekonomian Indonesia. Tidak hanya pada sektor dalam negeri saja, tetapi Indonesia telah melebarkan distribusinya ke ranah luar negeri. Italia menjadi salah satu negara

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Piombino Met Indonesian Delegations

Piombino Italia Met PT. PAS (Pasific Agro Sentosa) to discuss the construction and development of CPO Hub in Italy, accompanied by Indonesian Ambassador of Rome (Mr. August Parengkuan), ITPC Milan’s Director (Mr. Agung Pramudya), Trade Attaché (Mr. Sumber Sinabutar) and

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Meeting with Veos SpA

In addition to the meeting with AICE, ITPC Milan also met Veos S.p.a on the same day (September 7, 2016) to talk further about Veos’ request regarding CPO (Crude Palm Oil) supply from Indonesia that had been discussed previously during

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Remarkable Indonesia: Oil Palm

Palm oil is an edible product coming from the pulp of oil palm fruits, later processed in the palm oil industry. Request for this vegetable oil has increased rapidly in the last decades. This has made the palm oil plantations

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