Our Fresh Pineapples Are Now in Italy

Indonesian fresh pineapples can now be consumed by Italian consumers after a container of 18-ton pineapple arrived in Italy’s city port of Venezia over the weekend. The 18 tons of fresh pineapples were exported in a maiden shipment by PT

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Visit to Illy Coffee

As a part of the participation during TriestEspresso from October 20 to 22, 2016, ITPC Milan, accompanied by Trade Attaché and Agricultural Attaché of Rome, facilitated the Indonesian coffee companies to meet Italian coffee company and made a visit to

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Leather Clothing Accessories (HS 4203)

Italia merupakan salah satu produsen terbesar bahan baku kulit dunia, namun juga termasuk salah satu negara importir untuk bahan kulit. Fakta ini disebabkan oleh tingginya permintaan pasar Italia untuk bahan kulit sebagai salah satu negara pusat fashion terkemuka di dunia, dimana industri fashion

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Batik Day at ITPC Milan

Yesterday on October 2, national Batik Day was celebrated in Indonesia. This day marked the moment seven years ago (October 2, 2009) when UNESCO recognised Indonesian Batik as an intangible cultural heritage coming from our country. Not only celebrated by

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Garuda Food Products Now in Milan!

On February 19, 2016, ITPC Milan met Pham Import Export Srl. to discuss the possibility to market Indonesian products in Italy. The meeting was also followed with product testing by tasting the food products brought by ITPC Milan’s Director (Mr.

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