Catalogue: Singabera’s Premium Tea and Tisane

Singabera offers an endless selection of tea blend, created from the finest tealeaves and the best natural ingredients including herbs, spices, flowers, fruits and beans that are grown naturally by local farmers and communities from across Indonesian archipelago. They bring

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Catalogue: Singabera’s Granola Products

Sharing the passion for the richness of Indonesian tropical ingredients to create real nutritious food, we present a company that produces homemade granola and brings the exotic flavours from the archipelago to you. The company hand selects their fruits, nuts

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Catalogue: Takara Tea

Other than coffee, tea is another drink that has become one of Indonesians’ favourites. For us, drinking tea is relaxing for our mind and soul plus giving us many health benefits. For centuries, tea has been used for medicine and

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Remarkable Indonesia: Rambutan

Rambutan is a tropical fruit native to Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Its name comes from the word “rambut“, an Indonesian word that means “hairy”, which explains the particular spiky rind of the fruit. Inside, the rambutan fruit looks

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