Is Palm Oil Dangerous? Recent Study Said “No”

To reopen the debate on the authenticity or the potential damage caused by palm oil consumption, on January 13, Ferrero proudly claimed the usage of vegetable oil in their products. The Alba Multinational, founded in 1946 by Pietro Ferrero, opposed

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Company Profile: DLBS (Dexa Group)

Dexa Lab of Biomolecular Sciences is Indonesian Pharma Company with 40-year journey and has experiences in various fields, including: Bio-molecular Science Research, Drug Development and Manufacturing. Dexa Group is currently active in three continents has become one of the top

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Catalogue: Nirupadi’s Salak Fruit

Native to Java and Sumatra, two of Indonesia’s five biggest islands, Salak (Salacca zalacca) is also recognised with the name snake fruit for its reddish-brown scaly skin that looks similar to snake’s skin. The taste of the fruit is usually

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Remarkable Indonesia: Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a special tropical fruit from Sunda and Maluku Island in Indonesia. Having round shape like tomato, this fruit has blackish purple peel with white flesh inside. Its taste is sweet and sour at the same time. In addition

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Remarkable Indonesia: Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit or also known as Pitaya is an amazing fruit that is beautiful inside and out. From the outside, it will directly attract anyone who sees it just like “love at first sight”. While from the inside, it will

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