Catalogue: DuniaTex (Textile)

PT. Duniatex, located in Solo, Indonesia, is a manufacturer that produces yarn and raw fabric. Since 2004, they have already exported textile products to many countries, including Japan, China, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, Egypt, etc. Actually, the company is now improving its production capacity.

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Catalogue: Comextra’s Food

PT Comextra Majora was founded in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, in 1988. From the beginning, the nature and principles of their business are based on integrity, professionalism and trustworthiness. For products, they specialise in making cocoa beans and cashew kernels.

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Catalogue: Magma Spice

As internationally known, Indonesia’s one of the best spices suppliers. Spices are the alimentary products that are very crucial in preparing delicious dishes. In Indonesia, not only we have various types of spices, we have also been recognised for providing clients with the

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Catalogue: Cleaning Equipment

PT. Indomop Multi Makmur has manufactured and distributed cleaning equipment products since 1992. Located in Tangerang, Indonesia, they have had experiences as an exporter of this product category.Their products are based on natural materials completely Made in Indonesia. Below you

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