Company Profile – MIO

MIO, which stands for Mega Inovasi Organik, specialises in organic coconut sugar and is currently in partnership with more than 2500 traditional organic coconut farmers in various regions of Indonesia. In Central Java, the region is known for its traditional

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Company Profile: Rosada

Rosada Kids Interior and Dollhouse Maker is an Indonesian company who produces and provides dollhouses completed with their interior designs, toys and furnitures. Their mission is to make high quality craftsmanship in all their products. Rosada also specializes in kids interior with beautiful

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Company Profile: Wira Tehnik Pratama

Wira Tehnik Pratama is a company engaged in the field of trade and services, especially in the field of agriculture and forestry. It develops agricultural commodities, plantation and forestry, where farmers are their supporting and strategic partners.  The company provides encouragement and

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Company Profile: Garuda Food

PT. GARUDAFOOD PUTRA PUTRI JAYA was established in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. The founder was the deceased Darmo Putro, ex-warrior who had chosen to engage in business sector after the independence of Indonesia. In early 1987, Garudafood started selling its

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