Catalogue: Singabera’s Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is a premium, all-natural alternative sweetener to regular cane sugar. In Singabera Company, they produce their own best quality Indonesian all-natural coco sugar that will give numerous health benefits to their consumers. What are the pluses of their

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Catalogue – MIO’s Natural Products

Before, we published one of Mega Inovasi Organik (MIO) product, Menoreh, which is an organic coconut sugar. Additionally, MIO also produces other organic products that are beneficial for the health. The products include virgin coconut oil and organic coconut syrup.

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Company Profile – MIO

MIO, which stands for Mega Inovasi Organik, specialises in organic coconut sugar and is currently in partnership with more than 2500 traditional organic coconut farmers in various regions of Indonesia. In Central Java, the region is known for its traditional

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