Indonesia at TriestEspresso

From October 20 to 22, 2016, ITPC Milan participated at international coffee exhibition named TriestEspresso at Trieste, Italy. This event is held every two years and focuses on coffee products, including green coffee beans, roasted coffee and instant coffee. The

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Remarkable Indonesia: Jakarta

Jakarta, also known as the special capital region of Jakarta, is the capital and the most populated city in our country, which population has reached around ten millions in the last few years. This city is the centre of our

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The 31st Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI 2016)

Trade Expo Indonesia is the largest B2B international exhibition held by the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia, collaborating with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs plus also

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Josquin Datudey is the youngest staff at ITPC Milan. However, being the youngest in the office doesn’t mean that he has less skills than the others. Having graduated from Inholland University of Applied Sciences with major in Business Administration, Mr.