Tourism & Food Conference, Bali

Bali has grown to become one of the world’s famous travel destinations attracting just a little bit under 10 millions of visitors each year. This year, Orchida Associates Group will organise and hold Hospitality Management Tourism and Food Industry Conference:

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Remarkable Indonesia: Subak

Everyone in the world knows Bali. It is named as the Island of Gods where people can relax at stunning beaches almost everywhere. Bali has been a favourite holiday destination for many people from other countries and continents, such as

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Catalogue: Bali Kitchen

Bali kitchen is authentic Indonesian food products produced by Kobe Boga Utama, a company that has been established since 1979, based in Tangerang, Indonesia. Bali Kitchen products include mixed spices, sauces, pickles and other Indonesian specialties. The products have been available in many

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