Seaweed, One of the Healthiest and Most Useful Plants

Seaweed is the name for marine plants and algae that grow in the ocean, rivers, lakes and other types of water habitats. Seaweed has been recognised as one of the healthiest and most natural alimentary sources worldwide that provides numerous

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Remarkable Indonesia: Rambutan

Rambutan is a tropical fruit native to Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Its name comes from the word “rambut“, an Indonesian word that means “hairy”, which explains the particular spiky rind of the fruit. Inside, the rambutan fruit looks

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Remarkable Indonesia: Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a special tropical fruit from Sunda and Maluku Island in Indonesia. Having round shape like tomato, this fruit has blackish purple peel with white flesh inside. Its taste is sweet and sour at the same time. In addition

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