Remarkable Indonesia: Cacao

Cacao beans, which plant is known as the Cacao Tree or Cocoa Tree, is needed to make many products, including cocoa mass, confectionery, ganache plus the two favourite products of all time: cocoa powder and chocolate. Cacao tree can grow

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Catalogue: Kohiee Coffee

Kohiee Coffee focuses on producing single origin coffee in each product at their company. They prepare different coffee beans that are unique and special from diverse areas of Indonesia, including: Arabica from Toraja, Arabica from Aceh Gayo, Arabica from Lembang

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Company Profile – MIO

MIO, which stands for Mega Inovasi Organik, specialises in organic coconut sugar and is currently in partnership with more than 2500 traditional organic coconut farmers in various regions of Indonesia. In Central Java, the region is known for its traditional

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Company Profile – SWARNA AGRO NUSA, CO. Ltd.

SWARNA AGRO NUSA focuses on the field of agriculture and specializes in B2B as a credible manufacturer and supplier. The company sends an intermediary product, manufactured with thorough processes and supervised with careful management. This is to maintain the standard

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