SISCa 2016 (Sawahlunto International Songket Carnaval)

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From August 25 to 27, 2016, handwoven Songket exhibition will be held at the SISCa (Sawahlunto International Songket Carnaval). The local government of Sawahlunto, West Sumatra, will host this event.

This international exhibition aims to develop cultural heritage and creativity. Furthermore, it also aims to gain positive impact and to encourage artisans to be more creative, innovative, inspiring with their works. This is to improve the recognition of handwoven Songket in the global market.

*Songket is a fabric that belongs to the brocade family of textiles of Indonesia. It is hand-woven in silk or cotton and additionally, intricately patterned with silver or gold threads.

For further information, please contact the number or email below

Phone: +62-21-8370 3265 | Mobile: +62-812-1804-6621

Email: |

To know more details about the event, please read the brochures below:

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