Remarkable Indonesia: Spices

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In Indonesia, spices are very significant ingredients in every dish prepared to give great flavour and better aroma. This is influenced by the fact that our country has been the centre of spices from centuries ago. Many Europeans in the past travelled from their homes to Indonesia, especially Maluku Island (known internationally as Moluccas), to discover the richness of our spices.

Moluccas has been recognised as The Spice Islands because nutmeg, mace and cloves were originally found there. Moluccas contributed to introduce many native spices to the world cuisines. Cengkeh (clove), daun pandan (Pandan leaves), pala (nutmeg/mace), keluak (Pangium edule) and lengkuas (galangal) are spices that come originally from Indonesia.

Additionally, not only these spices mentioned above, Indonesia is also famous for the practice of blending other types of spices and herbs. This could be the reason why Indonesian cuisines produce very delicious and flavorful dishes in the world.

In our country, our people gather various spices and develop gastronomic themes with them to cook different dishes. For examples are the mix of galangal, lemongrass, chili, tamarind, cardamom and turmeric as our cuisines’ ingredients.

To blend the spices well, Indonesians usually do it different ways, including by slicing, chopping or grounding them. However, in the present days, many choose the modern and faster way by using a blender to mix them well.

Not only for cuisines, Indonesians also use traditional spices and herbs for making healthy drinks and medicines to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We believe that spices are one of the best ways to prepare healthy and tasty alimentation. What we keep remembering in our mind is that when we eat well, we also live well.

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“Spices have always been a part of our culture. They nourish and aromatize not only our dishes but also our life” (Photo by Simone Sapia) (Creative Writing by Dewi Wihardja)
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