Remarkable Indonesia: Komodo Island

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Mostly known for its wonderful sea and beaches, Indonesia is actually full of other interesting destinations too. There are lovely villages, majestic temples like Borobudur and Prambanan, or even special destinations, such as Komodo Island for example.

Many people might ask what a Komodo is. Well, for those who admire and adore fantasy and adventure stories, this island will give them exactly what they are looking for.  Because here, people will see that a creature considered to exist only in fantasies lives in a protected area, which is dragon.

Komodo dragons live in their island located in Nusa Tenggara. There, Indonesian government maintains them as protected creatures. The island has been included into the new seven wonders of nature list since 2011.

For many years, Komodo Island has become a famous destination for visitors who would like to see living dragons and the place is even visited by diving lovers. Additionally, this island, also known as Komodo National Park, has also been inscribed as a UNESCO’s world heritage site in Indonesia since 1991.

Not only as dragons, people also consider komodo as the biggest living lizards. They can reach up to three metres length and weigh up to eighty kilograms. Komodos are carnivores who eat smaller animals and their bite is venomous.

As mentioned earlier, their habitat can be visited with guides by interested tourists who want to explore a unique destination that doesn’t exist anywhere else. So, are you curious about Komodo dragons?

Come to see them at their home. For more information, please visit

“Dragons don’t live only in fantasies, come to visit them on their island” – Design by: D.Angelia & team, Creative Writing: D. Wihardja & team
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