Remarkable Indonesia: Jepara Furniture

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Jepara is an Indonesian Regency located in Central Java famous for its ability to produce quality wooden furniture and handicrafts. It’s known for the excellence of its teak furniture. In this regency, the whole industry employs around 80,000 people.

Teak furniture, one of the most expensive furniture types, is highly wanted for its resistance, long duration and elegance. Beyond its beauty, teak wood possesses some natural properties that other wood products cannot provide.

It is a valuable material. The wood’s reputation came to the region at the beginning through Dutch people. During the colonisation, the Dutch used the wood for shipbuilding and teak is an excellent ship wood due to its ability to ward off dry rot.

For its quality, many furniture makers in the regency now use teak as well for their products. And most of these furniture workers work in mainly small workshops or companies (small and medium enterprises). For many years, the furniture trade has brought good level of wealth to Jepara. In addition, not only for the local market, there is also a large export trade that leads to good increase in income for the furniture makers.

So far, Jepara has been widely recognised as the best woodcarving centre in Java. When you visit the city, you can pass dozens of furniture showrooms that offer contemporary, unique and antique designs. Even the fields there are full of wood carvings and half-finished wardrobes. This is the best place for anyone to seek ethnic furniture products.

If you are looking for fantastic quality wooden furniture with either antique or modern design, Jepara is the right place for you. To know more about our wooden furniture exporters, please contact

Jepara Handicraft (Door from Teak Wood) on Tram 16 in Milan



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