Remarkable Indonesia: Cacao

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Cacao beans, which plant is known as the Cacao Tree or Cocoa Tree, is needed to make many products, including cocoa mass, confectionery, ganache plus the two favourite products of all time: cocoa powder and chocolate. Cacao tree can grow well in tropical countries, as in Indonesia for example.

For this matter, the world has recognised Indonesia as one of the largest producers of cacao, holding number two at the moment. In our country, the plantation of cacao tree spreads in all places, especially in the big islands such as Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, Bali, Papua and Borneo.

Among all islands, Sulawesi holds the biggest production of cacao, around more than half of cacao production comes from this island. In export term, Indonesia globally holds top five position as cacao exporter.  During the next few years, it is expected that the demand for this product will keep growing, placing Indonesia as one of the best markets from where the world can get cacao.

Our ability to produce large quantity of cacao with the right standard and affordable price are what make us competitive and reliable in the international market. Our cacao trees can provide any interested importer irresistible quality that they have been searching.

Moreover, do you know why the demand of cacao will keep growing? One of the reasons is because cacao actually gives us many health benefits. Cacao is rich in powerful antioxidants (polyphenols called flavonoids). The antioxidants in cacao is considered four times better than when it is produced as dark chocolate. Cacao’s benefits for health include its abilities to:

  1. Balance mood swings, relax your mind and make you feel happy
  2. Protect heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases
  3. Combat free radicals with the antioxidants it contains
  4. Improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure
  5. Prevent early aging with its antioxidants
  6. Protect the health of our skin, hair and nails
  7. Provide us with healthy and necessary fats for our body
  8. Give energy and fight fatigue
  9. Help our diet program as it lowers our appetite
  10. Help our metabolism and digestion

Additionally, not only for its health benefits, cacao has become world demand also for the fact that it creates two of the most wanted alimentary products, the cocoa powder and delicious chocolates. Therefore, with the benefits it can give to humans, there is no wonder why cacao will always be one of the products that the world requests the most.

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“We are the second largest producer of cacao in the world. Our tree will offer you irresistible quality” – Design by D. Angelia & Team.
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