Remarkable Indonesia: Bromo

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Mount Bromo in Indonesia is one of the most visited and popular active volcanoes in the world. As a magnificent tourist attraction, this place has become the love of people who love adventure and travelling. Located in East Java, Indonesia, This volcano belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

The name of this mountain actually came from the word Brahma, which is a Javanese pronunciation for the creator God in Hinduism. No matter there have been various eruptions in 2004, 2010, 2011 and 2015, this mountain never ceases to amaze foreign visitors who come from different countries worldwide.

Located at more than 2000 metres above sea level, Bromo is always one of tourists’ favourite attractions when they come to Java Island. While for the people who live around Bromo, they consider the place as a holy mountain. Every year, there is a ceremony called Kasodo, which is done at the Pura (Hindu temple) right under the mountain.

The weather in this mountain has always been fresh and is actually a bit of change from the regular tropical temperature in our country. One of the main reasons why Bromo is so interesting for foreigners is because they can enjoy the splendid view from the sunrise. To see sunrise here, visitors will need to go over the moon-like Tengger Caldera from nearby, at Penanjakan mountain.

Other than sunrise, people can also climb and go to the top of the volcano, where they can adore the superb scenery from above and take a picture to remember before they return from this adventurous journey back to their home.

The entire area of Bromo Mountain is gorgeous and there is no enough word to describe the how awesome the travel will be, unless you experience it by yourself. Either you want to go there as a part of a tour group or you want to come independently, this tourism destination is a must for any itinerary that includes Java island in the plan.

“Take a journey to one of the most active and most visited volcanoes in the world: fresh, adventurous and fascinating.” – Design by: D. Angelia & Team, Creative Writing by: D. Wihardja
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