As an expert in Marketing and Communication area, Ibnu Fajar is now responsible to plan and manage ITPC Milan’s strategies in media and promotion development. Previously, Mr. Fajar has been working in the area of marketing and communication for around 12 years, after having also completed his university education in Communication Management.

In his career journey, he began his experience as sales and account executive, focusing on traditional media management, including TV, radio and magazine. Moreover, with the growth of new media, Mr. Fajar also started to continue his career path in digital marketing and communication, by working in one of the leading online job platforms in Indonesia, karir.com.

Certainly, not only in web communication, his digital experience also included research and project management for mobile application development and social media. His continuous experiences in marketing and communication in both traditional and digital world had brought his career into higher positions, as Senior Marketing Manager and then Digital Business Director.

During his professional life, he has achieved successful goals in his area, including the increase of memberships in the company he was working at and the increase of sales by organizing a well-planned huge event that involved thousands of individual participants and hundreds of corporate entities.

His competencies in marketing and communication area include the old-new media planning and development, event management and promotion, mobile innovative campaign and strategy, creative idea development, content creation, online report and monitoring and last but not least, social media management.

If you’d like to contact Mr. Fajar, please don’t hesitate to send an email to: