Pope Francis Visited Milan & Monza

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Pope Francis came to those marginalized by society, families in a housing project and exhorting clergy and nuns to minister to the peripheries on Saturday during his visit in Milan. His itinerary also included lunch with inmates at the city’s main prison.

The pope mentioned at the housing project, that it was important for the Roman Catholic Church “not to remain in the centre to wait, but to go toward everyone, in the peripheries, to go toward also non-Christians and non-believers.”

And later that day, at the Gothic-era Duomo Cathedral, he urged priests, nuns and deacons to take their mission to the peripheries “to rekindle hope that has been put out and sapped by a society that has become insensitive to the pain of others.”

On this very busy day, Pope Francis met with young people who made the sacrament of confirmation this year and their families at the Stadium of Milan, San Siro, which is the home of the city’s soccer clubs. As always, the Pope kept his familiar, down-to-earth presence throughout the visit.  

At the visit to the housing project, he made private visits to three families. They include a couple in their 50s struggling with the husband’s infirmity, another couple in their 80s dealing with illness and a third family of five who come originally from Morocco and who are teaching Arabic in a program at a local church.

While at Monza, Pope Francis celebrated Holy Mass in Monza Park for the people of the Archdiocese of Milan, Italy. The mass was to reflect on the annunciation of Jesus Christ as a message of joy at the peripheries of society.





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