Meeting with Stefano Romano for “Kampungku Indonesia” in English

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The book “Kampungku Indonesia” describes the life in Indonesia from the view of Stefano Romano, an Italian photographer with Indonesian heart, during his travels in our beloved country, Indonesia. Stefano Romano is a photographer from Rome who loves to capture the faces of Asia, especially Indonesia, the place where his heart belongs. With camera as his best friend, he travels to get the best moments of human beauty in spontaneous and natural way.

Inside Kampungku Indonesia, you can find and discover the wonderful photography of Indonesia and its people, plus the story, illustrated beautifully by the photographer. Certainly, Stefano was born in Italy and grew up there; however, his dedication to capture every moment of Indonesian life shows that he has considered Indonesia as his second home country.

In this edition, the book is composed in English so that our international friends, including Italian people, can see the images of Indonesia, from the eyes of an Italian man. To promote this English version, Stefano Romano came to ITPC Milan’s office to meet our Director, Mr. Agung Pramudya F.R. to talk about the book and also to give the English book to our Director as a present and symbol of his love to the country and its people.

Curious about the book? Here are some sample pages for teaser. 

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