Meeting with Indofood

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On September 23, 2016, ITPC Milan met Mr. William Ho, the Regional Export Sales Manager from PT. Indofood. This meeting was done at ITPC Milan’s office to discuss the development of Indofood product sales and marketing in Milan. In the meeting, Mr. Ho informed that Indofood would like to concentrate on Indomie products that have been accepted in international market.

Moreover, they also notice that the sales of Indomie in Italy has increased by 50%. This fact motivates Indofood to focus on promoting the product and increasing the sales to more Italian people. So far, after having observed the distribution, it has succeeded more in the North and Centre of Italy as there isn’t any distributor yet in the South of Italy.

To increase the sales to more Italians, Indofood plans to market their products to one of the biggest Italian supermarkets, Esselunga. Certainly, if the partnership can be realised, Indofood must communicate for approval first with Land & Ocean, who is currently the main distributor of Indomie in Italy and has signed contract with Indofood.

Furthermore, not only selling their products in Italy, Indofood actually also would like to open a factory here to cover and fulfil the demand in West Europe. Actually, they have two options to consider, either Italy or Spain. To make decision, they first have to estimate and calculate about the costs for the land and employees. 

For geographical area, Italy is strategic to expand the market not only in the country but also in other West European countries. Nevertheless, to build the factory and realise the idea, it will unfortunately take quite a long time, between three to five years.

Not only stopping there, Indofood also opens opportunity for other companies who would like to be Indomie distributor, especially in the South of Italy. First step to begin the process is by cooperating with the current distributor, Land & Ocean, to discuss the regulations and mechanisms in distributing and marketing the product.

In the end of the meeting, ITPC Milan mentioned clearly that they would keep supporting and giving any possible help so that Indofood can build the factory in Italy. So, let’s cross our fingers that they could achieve this mission in the next few years.

Would you like to have partnership with Indofood? Please don’t hesitate to write to for further details.

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